Lecturer - Theatre for Young Audiences (Part Time, Fixed Term) (COA290)

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The University of Lincoln is dedicated to fostering innovation, collaboration, engagement and creative entrepreneurship across its constituent Colleges and Schools. This is demonstrated in University-wide initiatives such as ‘Student as Producer’ in which students undertake projects and develop new ideas with lecturers and other members of the professional community.

The School of Fine and Performing Arts, within which Theatre for Young Audiences is situated, offers its students the opportunity to explore dialogues across disciplines. There is a postgraduate community in Dance, Theatre, Fine Art and most recently in Music. There are opportunities to create work with students from other disciplines in extra-curricular opportunities, and the School is defined by a collaborative and interdisciplinary ethos. Students can take part in Technique Classes from across the School.

The Drama and Theatre department at Lincoln has a distinct outlook and approach. Our students study a mix of practice-based and theoretical modules which emphasise the importance of research-led practice, industry, as well as civic engagement. The M.A. in Theatre for Young Audiences will engage students with the history of making theatre for children as well as analysing contemporary practice in the field. Students will be equipped with the knowledge to develop their own methodology for making theatre tailored and relevant to children of differing age groups.

The MA advances the notion of practice as research embodied through making in theatre, studio-based and non-traditional environments, and aims to facilitate its students in producing professional quality performance work for primary and secondary school age ranges.

The M.A. prepares its graduates for professional practice. Whether through making, touring, producing workshop materials or directing. Students are asked to approach their work as artists, and take an active role in how theatrical, pedagogical and critical research shapes their creative, output-driven practice.

The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in the area of Theatre for Young Audiences as a practitioner, devising, improvising, scriptwriting and directing at a professional level. It would be beneficial if the candidate also had experience of touring and fundraising.

Closing Date: 17 Feb 2019
Category: Academic

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