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Finding temporary employment

Temporary jobs, sometimes referred to as part time jobs, provide employment for thousands of Britons each year. According to the latest Labour Force Survey, about 1,421,000 people hold temporary positions in the United Kingdom. Temp jobs can be found in almost every business sector in London. Temporary secretarial and PA jobs are particularly abundant, while the finance, marketing and property sectors also advertise many temporary posts. You can streamline your job search on Keystone.Jobs by searching by contract type or location. Filtering your search in this way this ensures that the results returned contain only the most relevant job advertisements.

Reasons for securing a temp job

People apply for temp jobs in London and its surrounding areas for a number of different reasons. Students who wish to earn extra cash may apply for temporary positions for the duration of their university holidays, while people who study on a part time basis may also wish to have temporary jobs. In these instances, students are able to gather valuable work experience while still studying, and also earn money to help pay for their tuition.

Other temporary workers may be freelancers or contract workers who are hired for a specific period of time in order to complete an assignment. Accounting consultants, for example, may be hired to deal with one particular client belonging to a firm, whilst project managers may be recruited to oversee short-term projects that match their professional skills. People employed to undertake these types of assignments are generally well qualified and experienced.

Finally, there are also those who take on temp jobs while still hunting for a permanent position. The Labour Force Survey found that nearly a quarter of those who were employed in temporary jobs in the UK could not secure permanent employment. In such cases, temporary employment could provide a medium-term solution for those who need to earn an income while hunting for the right full time position.

Remuneration packages for temp jobs in London

As with permanent jobs, remuneration for temporary jobs is dependent on various factors, such as the position held, the company’s location and the employee’s skills and experience. Personal assistants may, for example, earn between £12 and £14 an hour, while senior social workers could earn an hourly rate of around £24. Financial analysts and accounts may earn up to £35 an hour.

Many temporary employees do not receive pay cheques at the end of each month, but are paid on a daily or weekly basis. Some employers pay their temporary staff an hourly rate, whilst others pay set fees for specific projects. In the latter case, temporary employees are generally remunerated once the assignment has been completed.

What skills are needed for a temporary job?

The skills needed for temporary positions are determined by the job type and level, and are generally related to the company’s area(s) of interest. A temporary sales assistant will be expected to have previous sales and customer service experience, while a temporary HR advisor should have an extensive knowledge of employment law, as well as recruiting experience.

If you are looking to secure a temporary secretarial job in London, you’ll need to be proficient at typing and word processing, using such programmes as Microsoft Word and Excel. If your position entails you dealing with incoming calls, you’ll be expected to have a professional phone manner. Good administrative skills, pace and accuracy are also necessary skills for a secretarial or reception job.

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